Gig Performer 4.0: Easy VST effects for live performers

Gig Performer VST for live performance

Deskew Technologies just released Gig Performer 4.0, a CPU-friendly host for VST effects, instruments and plug-ins for live performances and musicians. The new update includes new features including enhanced visuals and MIDI features.

Gig Performer lets you set up a Global Rackspace that keeps the VST plugins loaded and ready to go for all your tracks (say, a virtual amp setup), and then you can set specific rackspaces for specific tracks when needed.

As for MIDI there’s a midi player that can store up to 128 songs, and you can select the tempo to be either globally set or tapped. New in 4.0 is also real-time midi data display, adjustable velocity cuves and an Elektron-style probabilistic sound designer engine that can apply randomization of selected parameters of any plugin.

Gig Performer 4.0 is available for Mac and PC for $199.

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