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Free Studio Magic for PreSonus Studio Monitors owners

Free Studio Magic for PreSonus Studio Monitors owners

Here’s a pretty sweet deal if you own a pair of PreSonus studio monitors (or if you’re thinking of buying a pair). No matter if it’s the Eris, R-series or the Sceptre monitors they’re currently giving away their Studio Magic software suite with ’em. That’s over $1,000 worth of music software including Studio One Prime, Ableton Live Lite, plugins (both synths and effects), tutorials as well as loops and samples.

Worth mentioning are Arturia Analog Lab Intro, the Brainworx bx_opto compressor, Cherry Audio Surrealistic MG-1 Plus Synthesizer, Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus, iZotope Neutron Elements, KV331 Audio Synthmaster Player, Mäag Audio EQ2 and Melodics.

If you bought your monitors after March 1st PreSonus says they’ll backdate the offer so you don’t miss out.

PreSonus: Read more about Studio Magic

Free VST plugin: Rusty Piano by Sample Science

Free VST plugin: Rusty Piano by Sample Science

Another sweet freebie from Sample Science: Rusty Piano, a free lo-fi acoustic piano plugin (64-bit VST/AU).

Rusty Piano is a lo-fi acoustic piano with a lot of character and charm. Recorded hot on purpose, Rusty Piano has a very saturated and thick sound. It’s the perfect piano sound for “rougher” music genres like indie rock, lo-fi hip-hop, free jazz, rock’n’roll, etc.

So you get a nice lo-fi, one-sample-per-note, multi-sampled acoustic piano tweakable with multi-LFO, hi/lowpass filters, reverb, amplitude range controls and the ability to switch between polyphonic/monophonic and legato all for the nice price of nothing.

Download Rusty Piano from Sample Science ($0)

Free PaulStretch VST Plugin for Mac and Windows

Free PaulStretch VST Plugin for Mac and Windows

PaulStretch has been around for quite a while to create extremely lush sounds by stretching audio to the extreme, but only for Windows (well, there’s been ways of building it for Macs but with quite the hassle, apparently). Now, this isn’t for nifty timestretching to fit loops, this is stretching done to create pretty awesome soundscapes. Want to turn Darude’s Sandstorm into an ambient soundfest? Here you go.

Enter PaulXStretch, a free VST/AU plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux that solves all that for you.

Get the free PaulXStretch plugin here: xenakios.wordpress.com/paulxstretch-plugin/

Check out this lush version of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” slowed down 8 times:

(If you want to find the original PaulStretch you can always find it here)