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Free SuperCrunch Guitar Amp VST Plugin from Linda Audio

Free SuperCrunch Guitar Amp VST Plugin from Linda Audio

Here’s SuperCrunch – a free guitar amp VST plugin by Linda Audio. It doesn’t aim at replicating any specific real hardware but instead just goes for the natural sound of a classic tube amplifier, ranging from sparkling clean to gentle crunch and wild rock/metal distortion.

There’s control for input/output gain, drive and brightness and two channels (crunch and lead), cabinet simulation, gate as well as the possibility to blend in your guitar’s clean signal and a 8 band equalizer to help dial in your wanted tone.

SuperCrunch is only available as VST/VST3 for Windows, no Mac or Linux versions and is completely free, unless you decide to donate a few bucks to help support the development of plugins like these.

Read more at LindaAudio.com: SuperCrunch ($0)

Listen to SuperCrunch in action here:

New Guitar & Bass VST Plugins from Waves: Voltage Amps

New Guitar & Bass VST Plugins from Waves:  Voltage Amps

Here’s Voltage Amps by Waves, a set of seven guitar and bass amplifier VST/AU plugins (five for guitar, two for bass) designed to help you find that special tone as fast as possible.

The guitar/bass amp plugins comes with 400 presets by musicians and producers like Butch Vig (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) as well as the producers for stars like Taylor Swift and Doja Cat. The ‘Focus Control’ knob is there to help you match the amp performance to your own guitar and pickups.

Each of the 5 guitar amps delivers an iconic sound, based on classic American and British amps—clean to crunchy, jangly to high-gain aggressive. The bass amps run the gamut from smooth vintage to full-spectrum modern.

The guitar amps are: Silverado, Blue Flame, Aggro, Arena and Royal-X. The bass amps are named Dark Mass and Vintage Velvet. They’re available for Windows and Mac, in VST3, AAX and AU format.

Read more & buy at Waves.com: Voltage Amps ($29 right now, $99 normal price)

Watch Voltage Amps in action here:

FiiO R7 HiFi Desktop Music Player & Headphone Amplifier

FiiO R7 HiFi Desktop Music Player & Headphone Amplifier

FiiO has unveiled the R7, a device they dubbed a “Desktop High Resolution Transmitter, Decoder and Headphone Amplifier All-In-One Unit”, a stylish little box that can act as an amp for either active speakers or headphones while displaying what you’re playing as well – be it local media via MicroSD or via major streaming services since it’s Android powered. Now, the FiiO R7 might be a little pricey, but I’m actually intrigued by getting a separate device for playing music (with a dedicated display) instead of just running apps on whatever other device I’m using at the moment.

Available in white or black, this device comes with a Android 10 powered display (Snapdragon 660+) to show and control your media, customizable RGB lights, 3.6W output power, exclusive DP mode and dual USB ports. Connection-wise you get a 6.35mm headphone + 4.4mm balanced headphone + four pin XLR balanced output in the front, in the rear you get support for up to 2TB MicroSD cards, 2xRCA line out, USB Host interface, optical input/output, three pin XLR balanced line out, USB-C, WiFi/Bluetooth (5.0) antenna, coaxial input/output and Ethernet for wired networks.

The FiiO R7 got the following modes by turning the knob on the front: Pure Music, USB DAC, Bluetooth receiver, Airplay receiver, Roon Ready, Coaxial/optical decoding.

The R7 can be controlled remotely using a Bluetooth remote (FiiO is planning to release a remote control in the future) or the FiiO Music app and the screen supports customizable screen savers (clocks, flying goats, what have you).

Read more at FiiO.com: R7 (£649.99)