Free SuperCrunch Guitar Amp VST Plugin from Linda Audio

Linda Audio SuperCrunch Free Guitar Amp VST Plugin

Here’s SuperCrunch – a free guitar amp VST plugin by Linda Audio. It doesn’t aim at replicating any specific real hardware but instead just goes for the natural sound of a classic tube amplifier, ranging from sparkling clean to gentle crunch and wild rock/metal distortion.

There’s control for input/output gain, drive and brightness and two channels (crunch and lead), cabinet simulation, gate as well as the possibility to blend in your guitar’s clean signal and a 8 band equalizer to help dial in your wanted tone.

SuperCrunch is only available as VST/VST3 for Windows, no Mac or Linux versions and is completely free, unless you decide to donate a few bucks to help support the development of plugins like these.

Read more at SuperCrunch ($0)

Listen to SuperCrunch in action here:

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