Free LinnDrum Sample Pack from Brootle

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Free LinnDrum Drum Sample Pack by Brootle

Who doesn’t like a free LinnDrum sample pack? The classic pre-midi drum machine was made by Linn Electronics back in the mid 80s and has been used by legends like Georgio Moroder, John Carpenter, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince.

Studio Brootle thought just that so they’re offering this free kit of 12 classic LinnDrum samples, although some a little bit processed to update them:

I love the LinnDrum, but find myself beefing up the low end when using it in my own productions. So here I’ve processed the kick drum to have a bit more bottom end, and made separate reverb rumble subs for both the kick and the low tom so you’ve got in-tune sub basses too.

Get the LinnDrum sample pack for free at

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