Focusrite Clarett USB / USB-C Audio Interfaces

Focusrite Clarett USB / USB-C Audio Interfaces

Focusrite announced an update to their Clarett audio interface line, now offering them with USB and USB-C connectors instead of Thunderbolt which makes them usable for pretty much any computer with at least a USB 2.0 port or better. The series consists of Clarett 2Pre USB , Clarett 4Pre USB and Clarett 8Pre USB and they sport 10-in/4-out, 18-in/8-out and 18-in/20-out respectively.

The mic preamps comes with the “air” effect which promises to add “air and clarity, especially to vocals and acoustic instruments”, reproducing the the input impedance and frequency response curve of Focusrite’s original ISA mic preamp.

All three models ships with software by XLN Audio, Focusrite, Softube, Ableton and Loopmasters.

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