Serato Updates DJ Pro, No Need For Hardware

Serato DJ Pro

Serato has changed the name of their flagship DJ software, going from simply Serato DJ to Serato DJ Pro.

So, basically, Serato DJ Pro is a free update if you already got a Serato DJ license – all supported hardware will still work and so will your existing expansion packs. What’s new is that they reset the trial period, so if you tried it before and want to have a go again you’re all set to do so, added 64-bit support (better performance and no limit on library size) AND they’ve added a new mode called Practice Mode (ta-daaa!).

Practice mode allows you to mix two tracks with no hardware needed at all, making it a whole lot easier to get the grip of the fine arts of DJ:ing on the go (or before buying a controller just to see).

While the UI has been revised a bit they’ve optimized it for for high resolution displays as well (good foor all retina and 4k peeps).

Serato’s entry software, Serato Intro, has changed name to Serato Lite and will give you the possibility to try it without any license or any controller either, which is pretty sweet.

Get it at: Serato DJ Pro


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