Teenage Engineering Field Desk

Teenage Engineering Field Desk

This is the Teenage Engineering Field Desk, the customizable desk they use themselves at the TE office to develop all those neat, minimalistic products. It’s made by double-sided formica birch plywood and rails by recycled Scandinavian aluminum. It ships flat-packed IKEA-style and is easy to assemble/disassemble and the rails used makes it easy to attach own accessories or ones they’re in the process of developing using m5 screws.

Our office is made up of people doing a variety of tasks, each with their own needs. since we love to build things, we decided to create our own modular work environment. field desk acknowledges our evolving workspaces and everything that comes with them.

Now, this might look minimalistic and all but the price tag sure isn’t. They want 15,990 Swedish krona for one of these, that’s a little more than £1200 (shipping not included). But then again, they make wonders with these desks, perhaps we could as well?

Read more at Teenage.Engineering Field Desk (£1260)

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