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Fuzzboy: Warm, Fuzzy Distortion Plugin (VST/AU)

Fuzzboy: Warm, Fuzzy Distortion Plugin (VST/AU)

Here’s Fuzzboy by Direkt DSP; a VST3/AU distortion plugin promising guitar-pedal inspired distortion aiming at warmth, richness and character through three different distortion modes.

With Fuzzboy, gone are the days of bland, digital distortion. Dive into a realm of unparalleled tonal possibilities with our 3 meticulously crafted distortion modes. Whether you’re producing a hard-hitting EDM track or crafting delicate ambient soundscapes, Fuzzboy has you covered.

Fuzzboy is available as VST3 and AU and for Windows and MacOS.

Read more @ Direktdsp.com: Fuzzboy (€29,99 right now, regular price €45,99)