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Rob Papen’s Predator 2

Rob Papen’s Predator 2

Rob Papen has released the successor of the classic synth Predator used by legends like Armin van Buuren, Noisia and Teddy Riley, so say hi to Predator 2.

Besides the more complex features we’ve already gotten used to in the previous version it now includes an ‘Easy Page’ which hides a lot of the controls and only presents the most important parameters where you can change a sound quickly or want to try the preset variation function which randomizes the parameters intelligently.

Other features include waveform morphing, waveform drawing, waveset playmode, an XY pad for visual manipulation and modulation, a new EQ and voice level distortion, a new preset manager, improved unison mode, more envelopes and lfo’s (4), over 5,000 presets, an enhanced reverb algorithm (taken from RP-Verb) and much more.

Read more @ RobPapen.com ($149/€149)