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Spotify adding TikTok-style video discovery feed

Spotify adding TikTok-style video discovery feed

TikTok for everyone! Sounds like it’s really about time to get better at adding those video snippets if you distribute music on Spotify since they just announced that they, after a beta test run, will roll out an updated design for the Home section in the mobile apps, allowing you to scroll through feeds via personal and curated previews of songs, podcasts and audiobooks.

Our data shows that more listeners become committed fans after previewing what they’re about to listen to, making this feature simply the latest update in our larger mission to create even deeper connections between artists and fans. 

Premium users in the US and Canada will also be seeing Spotify’s AI DJ under the Music tab – allowing the users to see audio and visual snippets and quickly preview other songs from those albums or playlists by tapping them.

Interaction-wise, users can save, download or share the content with one tap and tapping a recommendation takes you to the actual playlist, album or single.

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